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Protrek (Adventure)

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The Casio Protrek line up watch price is enticing and makes a good buy. Casio wrist watches epitomizes style and impeccable technology. Casio Gents watch is explicitly designed to suit distinct taste. The Casio Protrek range has been designed for the outdoor adventurer and is the perfect hiking or climbing watch . The Protrek series boasts features including an altimeter, barometer, thermometer, compass and much more! The new Protrek triple sensor analog-digital timepieces with direct, altitude/barometric pressure, and temperature sensors. Depending on the sensor mode you enter, the second hand indicates direction, altitude differential, or barometric pressure tendency in easy-to-read analog format. The all new Casio Protrek Triple Sensor models represent the ultimate in sophisticated function and easy of operation. Our new Protrek waveceptor range with the Atomic feature will receive the time calibration signal automatically up to six times a day. When any auto receive is successful, the remaining auto receive operations are not performed. Signal reception is normally better at night than during the day. Buy a Protrek online today and join the millions of happy Casio watch fanatics!

  • Protrek PRG-240T-7DR

    The evolution of PROTREK never stops. These new models embody some of the very best in functional beauty and ease of operation that modern technology has to offer.
    The rotary bezel is specially shaped for easy operation, even while wearing gloves. Large letters indicating north, south, east, and west are colored for easy reading.
    Dedicated direction, barometer, and altitude buttons provide one-touch access to measurements. Buttons are large with slanted diamond patterns for plenty of slip resistance during operation.
    Since "easy to press" often also means "more operation error", the back cover is designed to make it the same height of the button surfaces, which greatly reduces the chance of operation error. The result is easy button operation, but only when you need it to be.
    The number of pointer lines has been increased from 60 to 72 for easier to read World Time and sunrise times. TOUGH SOLAR ensures stable operation even when using power-hungry functions

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