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Edifice Mens 100m Bluetooth Solar - ECB-900MDC-1ADR

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Introducing the full-featured analog digital EDIFICE for smartphones.

Introducing the international bestseller with gray ion-plated case and strap for a monochrome effect that keeps the focus on speed, intelligence and powerful design. Pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth® for more accurate timekeeping, wherever you go. Just tap the app to easily manage features like the World Time List for over 300 cities. The large integrated dial at the 4 o'clock position shows average speeds when timing laps for set distances. The fully automatic LED light illuminates the dial and LCD display with just a tilt of the wrist, ensuring great visibility even in the dark.

Case: Stainless steel
One push and triple fold
Stainless Steel Strap
Mineral Crystal
Gray case with ion bath
Gray ion plated strap
Water resistance of 100 meters
Tough Solar (solar powered)
Dual LED
light LED dial light (fully automatic LED light, Super illuminator, illumination duration selection [1.5 or 3 seconds], afterglow)
LED backlight for digital display (fully automatic LED light, Super Illuminator, illumination duration selection [1.5 or 3 seconds], afterglow)
Mobile Link (wireless connectivity with Bluetooth®)
World Time
39 time zones * (39 cities + coordinated universal time), Daylight Saving Time on / off, Automatic Daylight Saving Time (DST), Local Time to World Time change
* Can be updated when connected to a smartphone.
1/1000 second stopwatch
Measuring capacity:
00'00 "000 to 59'59" 999 (during the first 60 minutes)
1: 00'00 "0 to 23: 59'59" 9 (after 60 minutes)
Unit measurement time:
1/1000 second (during the first 60 minutes)
1/10 sec. (after 60 minutes)
Measurement modes: Elapsed time, lap time
Data logging: Up to 200 records (lap measurement times)
Others: Speed ​​(0 to 400 units / hour)
Unit of measure: 1/10 second
Countdown range: 24 hours
Timer start time setting range: 1 second to 24 hours (1-second, 1-minute, and 1-hour increments)
5 multi-function alarms (with daily alarm, single alarm and scheduled alarm)
Hour signal
Needle movement function (hands move apart to provide an unobstructed view of digital content on the screen)
Battery charge indicator
Full automatic calendar (up to the year 2099)
12 and 24 hour format
Button Operation Tone On and Off
Power saving (when the watch is left in the dark the screen turns off and the hands stop to save power)
Classic timekeeping
Analog: 3 hands (hour, minute [hand moves every 10 seconds], second), 1 dial (speedometer)
Digital: hours, minutes, seconds, pm, month, date, day
Accuracy: ± 15 seconds per month (without Mobile Link function)
Duration approx. Battery life:
6 months with rechargeable batteries (normal operating time without exposure to light after full charge)
19 months with rechargeable batteries (operating time when stored in total darkness, with the power save function activated after full charge)
Size of case: 51.5 × 48 × 13.9mm
Total weight: 164g