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Need a watch immediately for a gift? The Casio Shop is the first e-commerce store in South Africa to offer same day delivery of selected products (in Cape Town) if ordered before 2pm with a credit card - FREE OF CHARGE! Please note that we are able to deliver products within a radius of 30km from our warehouses in Cape Town to your door - uDrop is available from 8-30am to 4-15pm (Monday - Friday) for deliveries. Please note: This service currently applies to Cape Town orders onlyOur On Demand Delivery system is powered by USERV ON DEMAND SERVICES - to find out more about our same day delivery service - click here

  • Standard Collection W-216H-3BVDF - Military Green

    Casio is proud to present it's outstanding collection of Casio watches which fall under the standard collection range. These models are great value for money and are made with Casio's usual outstanding quality.

    Regular Price: R599.00

    Special Price R509.00

  • G-Shock Bluetooth GBA-400-2ADR

    G-SHOCK, the watch whose popularity spans various interests and cultures, isproud to announce a collection of new music-themed G’MIX watches.
    Each of these watches is Bluetooth® SMART, which makes it possible to establish aconnection with a smartphone to control various phone features from your watch.The big rotary switch at 3 o’clock can be used to jump between songs, controlthe music volume, or adjust sound attributes with an equalizer function. Withthe song title search function, the touch of a button lets you look up the title of asong playing in your location and display it on the watch. You can even use thewatch to produce a variety of different sound effects on your phone.
    The dial at 9 o’clock, which indicates the current connection status between thewatch and phone, is designed to resemble a turntable, adding to the musicalmotif of these models.
    In terms of features, functions, and design, everything about these new G’MIXmodels is geared towards music and its enjoyment by you.

    Mobile Link (Function linking with a Bluetooth® SMART device using wireless communication)
    Use of Mobile Link requires downloading of the "G-SHOCK+" and "G'MIX App" apps to the phone.
    A special player with an equalizer and sound field setting that reproduces the ambiance of various different live venues,can be controlled from the watch.
    A rotary switch operation lets you search for the title of a song playing nearby.
    Performing a button operation on the watch causes the phone to sound a tone, helping to make it easy to find.
    Automatic Home Time and World Time setting adjustment at a preset time each day.
    Configure World Time (approximately 300 cities), alarms, timer, and other watch functions from the phone.

    ∗Bluetooth is a registered trademark or trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
    ∗Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

    For the information about supported phone models and other latest news, visit

    Regular Price: R4,999.00

    Special Price R3,499.00

  • Protrek PRW-6100Y-1DR

    New addition to the PRO TREK lineup of analog-digital Triple Sensor Version 3 models.
    In addition to sensors for taking bearing, altitude, and barometric pressure readings, the wearer is alerted to significant changes in barometric pressure by a beeper alarm and by an indicator on the digital display.
    An auto hand shift feature momentarily moves hands away from digital readouts when you check displayed readings, to make them easier to see. Other features include a dual LED illumination system for the face and digital display, Smart Access, Tough Solar, radio-controlled timekeeping and more. Everything about these watches is designed and engineered to make them the ultimate in ease of operation and reliability.

    Regular Price: R12,999.00

    Special Price R8,499.00

  • Baby-G BA-110TR-7A

    Introducing a new series of basic refreshing white model accented by marine tricolor. Casual, cool, and feminine, this model can be coordinated with a wide range of different fashions.

    Regular Price: R3,499.00

    Special Price R2,699.00

  • Baby-G BGA-210-7B2DR

    The big Arabian numbers at 12 and 6 o’clock of this new additions to the sporty BGA-210 Series are designed to resemble the jersey numbers on sports uniforms.Dual Dial World Time shows the current time in two cities simultaneously. The main hands and the dial at 3 o'clock show both your Home Time and a time in another zone. The two times can be swapped with each other by simply holding down the button at 4 o'clock.
    A wide face and elegantly color aluminum bezel combine to create a multi dimensional case, and the color of the cylinder lugs add an attractive accent to the overall design.
    The cool design of this watch goes well with a variety of different adult sports fashions.

    Regular Price: R3,399.00

    Special Price R2,699.00

  • Baby-G BGD-501UM-8DR

    Here are some new urban clear color variations on the traditional digital with face protector look that has defined the BABY-G from the very beginning. The matte finish of the coloring combines with the metal protector to create a look that definitely adult cool. Monotone coloring balances well with the simple, sharped edge forms of these models.

    Regular Price: R1,999.00

    Special Price R1,599.00

  • G-Shock Gulfmaster GWN-1000-9ADR

    Introducing GULFMASTER, the new G-SHOCK Series that’s designed and engineered with the maritime adventurer in mind.
    GULFMASTER includes the first G-SHOCK models to incorporate both Triple Sensor Version 3 and Smart Access in the same watch. In addition to barometric pressure, altitude, bearing, and temperature readings, these new models also feature Tide Graph and Moon Age capabilities to help keep you in close touch with your natural environment. Sudden extreme changes in barometric pressure are alerted using a dial hand, LCD display, and alarm. Double LED lighting illuminates the LCD, and also adds a face light at 6 o’clock to keep information bright and easy to read even in total darkness.
    The designs of these watches have been modeled after the look of shipboard instruments to create an attractive marine look. Large buttons are provided for critical light and sensor operations to help make operation easier and more intuitive.
    All of this and much more makes all of the models in the GULFMASTER Series the logical choice for the maritime adventurer who desires something extra in performance and overall toughness.

    Smart Access
    An electronic crown switch and the use of multiple motors combine to enable conflict-free simultaneous operation of multiple functions, and smooth switching between functions.

    A CASIO-original thin analog movement made possible by hybrid mounting protects against damage and enables auto home position correction that helps keep you on time all the time.

    Tough Solar ensures stable operation even when using power-hungry functions.

    Receives time calibration signals and corrects the time automatically.

    MULTIBAND 6 allows reception of time calibration signals from one of six transmitters around the globe : Germany, The United Kingdom, The United States, China, and Japan (two transmitters).

    Regular Price: R8,999.00

    Special Price R5,949.00

  • Edifice EQB-700D-2ADR

    Introducing a new addition to the mobile phone connectable*1 EDIFICE series of watches that pack Mobile Link functions into thin designs. This model uses dual curved glass for the crystal, and has a 13.3 mm slim case. The result is a watch that has a comfortable fit and an elegant look. World Time Dial at 8 o'clock shows the current time in a second location, which has a three dimensional round form. The precision engineering capabilities of Yamagata CASIO were used to create the unique three-dimensional curvature. The EQB-700D-2A uses polarization vapor deposition for a finish that changes color depending on the viewing angle.

    A battery indicator between 10 and 11 o'clock shows the current battery status at a glance. Another dial at 3 o'clock is driven by a dual-coil motor to move a special large hand that indicates the day of the week or current mode.

    Function-wise, these models come equipped with a Mobile Link feature that employs Bluetooth® technology. After downloading and installing the CASIO WATCH+*2 app, you will be able to link to a supported smartphone and then configure watch settings and perform other operations quickly and easily. When linked with a smartphone, the watch automatically adjusts its time setting four times a day, based on time information from the phone to help make sure you are on time all the time. You can also select from approximately 300 CASIO WATCH+ app cities, and display the selected city's time with the World Time dial. You can even perform a watch button operation to sound your phone's ring tone so you can easily locate it when lost. All of this packed in bold design packed into slim configuration for the ultimate in style and elegance.
    The EDIFICE EQB-700. The next generation analog watch that links with a smartphone.

    Regular Price: R13,999.00

    Special Price R7,999.00

  • G-SHOCK GA-500P-3ADR

    From G-SHOCK, the watch brand that is constantly setting new standards for timekeeping toughness, comes a collection of new punched pattern GA-500 designs created under a theme of urban sports. The sports fashion item motif is achieved by designs using bold main colors that are similar to those used for high-tech sneakers, contrasted by bi-coloring of the components where the band connects to the body at 12 and 6 o'clock. The band is punched with a large number of holes that create a motif resembling the mesh of sportswear. This fashionable look is also practical because it also allows air to pass through for cooling while engaged in sports. The base model is the GA-500, whose round shape and wide face, multi-dimensional hands are produced using a new molding process, and a large button at 6 o'clock provide a distinctive look. Features such as one-press stopwatch timing start from the Timekeeping Mode and a Target Time function provide support for athletic activities.

    Regular Price: R3,999.00

    Special Price R2,999.00

  • Baby-G BGA-195M-1ADR

    Introducing new colors for the BGA-195 series timepieces that feature a striking multi-dimensional studs design. The image created by the face resembles studs that are used to turn belts, handbags, sneakers and other objects into distinctive fashion items. The black and white models feature a gold color face that contrasts beautifully with the case and band colors, while the red face of the red model produces a cool monotone design. In addition to the main hour and minute hands that show the current Home City time, a World Time dial at 6 o'clock can simultaneously show the current time in one of 48 cities around the globe. The Home City and World Time City can be swapped as required by simply pressing the button at 4 o'clock. Great function plus distinctive designs that can add plenty of fashionable spice your personal look.

    Regular Price: R3,199.00

    Special Price R2,559.00

  • G-SHOCK G-100CU-2ADR

    From G-SHOCK, the watch brand that is constantly setting new standards for timekeeping toughness, come new models with bold and daring designs that are so popular today. The base model is the analog-digital combination G-100, which features a simple round face, with an overall matte finish for modestly clean and a simple look. The G-100CU is available in a choice of three cool colors: navy blue, khaki with faces that have a similar hue as the watch body, or white with a light gray face.

    Regular Price: R2,599.00

    Special Price R1,999.00

  • Baby-G BA-110BE-4ADR

    Baby-G, the casual watch for today’s active woman, offers a new Beach Color Series of pastel colored models in the image of seashells and other marine scenes. These models offer a countdown timer, stopwatch, multi-alarm and world time.

    Regular Price: R3,199.00

    Special Price R2,499.00

  • G-Shock Frogman GWF-D1000-1DR

    ONLY 1 LEFT!

    From the G-SHOCK Master of G Series of timepieces that relentlessly challenge the limits of timepiece toughness comes two new additions to the FROGMAN lineup of watches designed for underwater work and activities. Virtually everything about these new models is an improvement over previous models. FROGMAN is a lineup of shock-resistant diver's watches that meet ISO standards for diving at depths up to 200 meters. Its horizontally asymmetrical form is designed to keep the watch from interfering with normal wrist movement. These are the first Triple Sensor FROGMAN models, which provide depth, bearing, and temperature readings, and respond directly to the needs of professionals involved in sea rescue.

    New FROGMAN-specific sensors were developed to enable depth readings up to 80 meters, which is a greater depth than that allowed for diving activities. Readings are now produced in 10 cm units, for higher sensitivity and greater accuracy. The compass function has also been greatly improved for these models. A new auto level correction function for the compass allows direction readings regardless of your wrist angle. This makes it possible to be kept up to date with your orientation even when diving among mud stirred up from the ocean floor or under other conditions where the water is murky with limited visibility.

    An additional button that is newly added at 9 o'clock triggers a Time Stamp function that records the current time, along with your depth and the water temperature. These watches have been designed and engineered to provide ultimate support for every diving experience. The surface of the thick stainless steel case that can stand up to high water pressures is Salaz policed and then treated with a high abrasion resistant diamond-like coating. The screw on back cover provides very high sealing.

    The back cover is also stamped with a frog character armed with everything necessary for diving the deep. The sapphire crystals of these watches have a 2.8 mm non-reflective coating that is thicker than the coating used for other watches. This improves readability and durability, as well as high water pressure resistance. Other diver-oriented features include large buttons that can be easily operated while wearing gloves, high-brightness LED illumination for better viewing under dark conditions, and a, carbon fiber insert urethane band that can be slipped on or off over a diving suit. In addition to diving level water resistance, the specs of these watches also meet the needs of those involved in rescue work. The products of two years of research and development, these new FROGMAN models are carefully designed and engineered for the tough individuals whose work and activities take them into the teeth of some of the toughest conditions imaginable.

    Regular Price: R26,999.00

    Special Price R16,999.00

  • Baby-G BA-120LP-2ADR

    The new BA-120 is the successor to the popular BA-110 Series. The digital dials at 6 and 9 o’clock of this digital-analog model are laid out for easy reading.This and much more creates an adult design that looks as great with street wear as it does with casual fashions.

    Regular Price: R3,499.00

    Special Price R2,699.00

  • Edifice EQB-600D-1A2DR

    Dual Dial World Time Link with Smartphones From the smartphone connectable EDIFICE series of watches that pack advanced technology into dynamic designs come two new EQB-600D models with World Time and auto time adjustment functions. The CASIO WATCH+*1 app that makes it possible for the EQB-600D to link with a smartphone now comes with a new Accurate Time System to help keep you on time all the time. Smartphones maintain accurate timekeeping by using their

    Regular Price: R12,999.00

    Special Price R8,499.00

  • Standard Collection AQ-S810W-3AVDF

    Casio is proud to present its outstanding collection of Casio watches which fall under the standard collection and retro range. These models are great value for money and are made with Casio's usual outstanding quality.

    Regular Price: R1,599.00

    Special Price R1,199.00

  • Baby-G BA-110BC-1ADR

    Introducing new color variations for the BA-110 Series. This sculptured, multidimensional cool design is now available in chic black, as well as bright, sporty neon yellow or blue. These are the same colors as those used for G-SHOCK models, which means they are easy to match into his-and-hers pairs.

    Regular Price: R3,199.00

    Special Price R2,599.00

  • Edifice EFR-552D-1A2VUDF

    Simple, easy-to-use design

    Regular Price: R2,599.00

    Special Price R1,999.00

  • G-Shock G-Steel GST-S120L-1BDR

    From G-SHOCK come new G-STEEL model designs with "layer guard structure" for outstanding shock resistance. New "tough leather" combines resin with synthetic leather for a band that is water resistant, and has better wear resistance and tensile strength than leather materials of the past. Distinctive stitching adds an authentic leather look. The multi-dimensional face features large hour markers and hands that have an ivory texture. A combination of antique and modern, the subdued design of this watch recalls a vintage motorcycle or rider jacket. The GST-S120L comes in a choice of two models, one black and one rose gold. Black and mustard, and rose gold and black combinations create designs that are elegant and powerful. In addition to Tough Solar and a hand shift feature, these models feature Neon Illuminator for the face and a white backlight for the digital display provide easy reading even in the dark.

    Regular Price: R6,699.00

    Special Price R4,999.00

  • G-Shock Gravity Master GW-A1100-1A3DR

    Introducing a new GRAVITYMASTER variation featuring TRIPLE G RESIST construction that stands up to the forces of impact, vibration, and G forces, along with Smart Access capabilities that simplify operation. This is also the first GRAVITYMASTER model to include a digital compass, thanks to the development of a direction sensor that is an amazing 95% smaller than its predecessors. The hand that indicates direction is made of carbon fiber, a first for a G-SHOCK watch.

    MULTIBAND 6 allows pick up of six different time calibration signals around the globe. Of course, the time setting can be adjusted manually in areas where a signal is not receivable for some reason. Other features include a Tough Solar power system, sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare coating, and large buttons with anti-slip surfaces for easier operation. All of this plus a face layout designed for easy reading makes this model the perfect choice for aviators and anyone else who needs instant access to information while on the go.

    Regular Price: R17,999.00

    Special Price R9,999.00

  • Baby-G BG-6902-4BDR

    Baby-G for Runners
    Introducing a trio of elegant and cool new colors for the Baby-G Runners Series. The choice of colors includes a pearl blue model with a black face, a warm silver model with a lime green face, and a standard all-white model. Large display characters and markings help to facilitate at-a-glance reading while on the run. Functions include 200-meter water resistance, LAP/SPLIT time measurements, and enough memory for 60 lap/split time records. All of this makes these watches the perfect runner watch in terms of both function and fashion.

    Regular Price: R2,399.00

    Special Price R1,699.00

  • Baby-G BA-120SC-9ADR

    The new BA-120 is the successor to the popular BA-110 Series. The digital dials at 6 and 9 o’clock of this digital-analog model are laid out for easy reading.This and much more creates an adult design that looks as great with street wear as it does with casual fashions.

    Regular Price: R3,499.00

    Special Price R2,599.00