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    This new MUDMAN model is the first one to be equipped with a direction sensor and thermo sensor that help you keep your bearings whenever you adventure into parts unknown. The touch of a button goes directly into the Compass Mode from any other mode. A Moon Phase graph gives you an idea of whether the nighttime hours will be dark or light. A declination function even makes it possible to adjust the watch's magnetic north direction reading so it indicates true north.
    All of this plus Tough Solar to keep everything working, and total shock and mud resistance to keep everything well-protected.

    Regular Price: R4,999.00

    Special Price R3,999.00

  • Ladies Heart Rate Monitor - CHF-100-1VDR
    Casio PHYS Heart Rate Monitor CHF-100 with chest strap

    Regular Price: R1,899.00

    Special Price R999.00

  • Ladies Retro LA670WGA-1DF

    A stylish update of a classic Casio design, this retro timepiece is built for stellar contemporary styling. The piece features a digital display and a fold over clasp. Perfect for everyday and street styling.


    Regular Price: R1,234.00

    Special Price R899.00

  • Standard Kids Collection LW-200-1BVDF

    Casio is proud to present it's outstanding collection of Casio watches which fall under the standard collection range. These models are great value for money and are made with Casio's usual outstanding quality.

  • Baby-G BA-110BE-4ADR

    Baby-G, the casual watch for today’s active woman, offers a new Beach Color Series of pastel colored models in the image of seashells and other marine scenes. These models offer a countdown timer, stopwatch, multi-alarm and world time.

    Regular Price: R3,199.00

    Special Price R2,599.00

  • G-Shock Bluetooth GBA-400-1ADR

    G-SHOCK, the watch whose popularity spans various interests and cultures, isproud to announce a collection of new music-themed G’MIX watches. Each of these watches is Bluetooth® SMART, which makes it possible to establish aconnection with a smartphone to control various phone features from your watch.The big rotary switch at 3 o’clock can be used to jump between songs, controlthe music volume, or adjust sound attributes with an equalizer function. Withthe song title search function, the touch of a button lets you look up the title of asong playing in your location and display it on the watch. You can even use thewatch to produce a variety of different sound effects on your phone. The dial at 9 o’clock, which indicates the current connection status between thewatch and phone, is designed to resemble a turntable, adding to the musicalmotif of these models. In terms of features, functions, and design, everything about these new G’MIXmodels is geared towards music and its enjoyment by you.

    Regular Price: R4,999.00

    Special Price R3,999.00

  • Outgear AMW-705D-1AVDF

    A 5-level indicator uses animal tracks to indicated the best time to hunt, based on the Moon age and Moon position (time). The watch also uses a thermo sensor to display the current temperature, while a Moon Graph appears in a digital window. The analog hands of this watch show current time, while a full-face LCD displays other information using easy-to-read many exciting features including a tide graph and moon data.

    Regular Price: R2,699.00

    Special Price R2,199.00

  • Standard Collection AW-82D-1AVDF

    Casio is proud to present its outstanding collection of Casio watches which fall under the standard collection and retro range. These models are great value for money and are made with Casio's usual outstanding quality.

    Regular Price: R1,494.00

    Special Price R1,195.00

  • Edifice EMA-100-1AVDF

    Edifice has been designed with an active lifestyle in mind. This new high performance sports analogue range combines contemporary styling with water resistance to 100 meters on all models. Selected watches within the Edifice watch range include special features such as an Ultra Tough Strap, which is four times stronger than leather, other models also, offer 10 Year Battery Life and Tough Solar technology. Be sure to have a look at our Casio Edifice watch blog and find out about all our exciting new Edifice watch models.

    Regular Price: R5,299.00

    Special Price R4,239.00

  • G-Shock G-Steel GST-S110D-1ADR

    From G-SHOCK, the watch brand that is constantly setting new standards for timekeeping toughness, comes G-STEEL, a watch series with a new "layer guard structure".
    Different materials are used for the bezel to create a two-layer structure that adds a new dimension of shock resistant. For models that use stainless steel in the upper part, shock absorbing resin is employed in the lower part. If resin is used in the upper part, fine resin is used in the lower part to cushion against impact from the upper part. This also has made it possible create a wide range of different designs.
    The GST-S110 model expresses the hardness and beauty of metal.
    A hand shift feature temporarily moves hands out of the way with the press of a button for easy reading of digital display contents, while double LED face illumination keeps information easy to read at all times.

    Regular Price: R7,999.00

    Special Price R5,999.00

  • Outgear AMW-710-1AVDF

    These new models pack Triple Sensor and temperature and direction readings into a 200M water resistant design that is perfect for sports, work, or other activities that involve water. In addition to world time, stopwatch alarm, and other basic timekeeping functions, these models also include a direction sensor and temperature sensor. Direction readings and time are indicated by large, easy-to-read figures. A large LCD is divided into three segments for a clear, easy-to-understand presentation of data. Mineral glass is used to protect against scratching.

    Regular Price: R2,099.00

    Special Price R1,784.00

  • G-Shock DW-9052-1VDR

    Some say, “If it isn’t broken. Don't fix it”. Well, G-Shock thought it time to add a subtle change to the classic DW9052. Highlighted with gold G-SHOCK lettering & G front button, the coloring adds subtle pop to the classic design.

    Regular Price: R1,999.00

    Special Price R1,399.00

  • G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000-1A3DR

    Twin Sensor
    This is the latest new addition to the MASTER OF G MUDMASTER Series. Mud Resist construction helps to ensure that nothing gets into the watch when down and dirty work takes you deep into the dirt and sludge. Multiple gaskets are used on the pipes that guide buttons and shafts, which keeps mud out. These pipes not only act to protect buttons from impact, they also enhance button operation.

    Regular Price: R6,999.00

    Special Price R5,949.00

  • G-Shock GST-S310D-1ADR

    Introducing the latest variations to the G-STEEL lineup of down-sized G-SHOCK designs. This new model reduce the overall case size to approximately 90% of previous models, while incorporating existing layer guard structure and functions. This dramatic reduction in the module size makes it possible to make the case thinner and more compact. The GST-S310 model features a stainless steel bezel and band in a standard design with all the durability that metal has to offer.  Full-auto LED illumination provides outstanding readability even in the dark.

    Regular Price: R7,999.00

    Special Price R5,999.00

  • Baby-G BGA-130-1BDR

    Introducing a new series of basic refreshing white model accented by marine tricolor. Casual, cool, and feminine, this model can be coordinated with a wide range of different fashions.

    Regular Price: R2,799.00

    Special Price R1,999.00