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G-Shock Mens 200m Bluetooth Sports - GBD-100LM-1DR
G-Shock Mens 200m Bluetooth Sport - GBD-100LM-1DR
G-Shock Mens 200m Bluetooth Sports - GBD-100LM-1DR
G-Shock Mens 200m Bluetooth Sport - GBD-100LM-1DR

G-Shock Mens 200m Bluetooth Sport - GBD-100LM-1DR

Gewone prys R 7,399.00 R 6,289.00

Stoor R 1,110.00
Slegs 13 oor - Verkoop vinnig

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Breek deur elke limiet! Gradeer jou oefenuitrusting op met die sportgerigte G-SQUAD-reeks G-SHOCK-horlosies. Die GBD-100LM beskik oor gloei-in-die-donker hars waar die ring en die band ontmoet, om met sekerheid in onverligte ruimtes te skyn. Met 'n luminescerende kamoefleerpatroonband wat deur stedelike naglandskappe geïnspireer is, is daar geen fout met hierdie gewaagde ontwerp, dag of nag nie.

Soveel funksie as styl, hierdie G-SQUAD lewer alles wat jy nodig het vir die uiteindelike oefensessie. Koppel net met 'n slimfoon om lopies na te spoor, toegang tot die horlosie se versnellingsensor en gebruik jou slimfoon-GPS om afstande aan te pas. Outo-rondte-lesings volg outomaties tempo en hardlooptye vir vasgestelde afstande. Koppel aan die G-SHOCK MOVE-slimfoontoepassing en gaan maklik aktiwiteitsgeskiedenis en lewenslogboeke na met staptelling en kalorieë wat op jou horlosie verbrand word. Bring jou alles na daaglikse oefensessies met 'n G-SHOCK wat reg is vir wat jy ook al aanpak.

Geskatte aflewering tussen [begindatum] - [einddatum]. Streeksbestellings kan 'n ekstra dag of twee vereis om sy bestemming te bereik.

G-Shock Mens 200m Bluetooth Sport - GBD-100LM-1DR

R 6,289.00

G-Shock Mens 200m Bluetooth Sport - GBD-100LM-1DR

Produk Beskrywing

Omhulsel / ringmateriaal: Hars
Minerale glas
200 meter waterweerstand
LED-agterlig (super beligter)
Outo-ligskakelaar, kiesbare verligtingsduur (1,5 sekondes of 3 sekondes), nagloei
Mobiele skakel (draadlose skakeling met Bluetooth®)
Vertoning van afstand, spoed, tempo en ander berekende waardes gebaseer op versnellingsmeter, outomatiese/handmatige rondtetye, Outo-pouse, teikenwaarskuwingsinstelling (tyd, kalorieë verbrand) aan/af, aanpassing van opleidingskerm (verstreke tyd, afstand, pas, rondte) tyd, rondteafstand, rondtepas, gemiddelde pas, spoed, gemiddelde spoed, kalorieë verbrand)
Oefendata (tot 100 lopies, tot 140 rondtetye per hardloop)
Verstreke tyd, afstand, tempo, kalorieë verbrand
Daaglikse datavertoning (staptelling), Maandelikse datavertoning (hardloopafstand)
Skep van gebruikersprofiel
38 tydsones* (38 stede + gekoördineerde universele tyd), dagligbesparing aan/af, outomatiese somertyd (DST) skakel
* Kan opgedateer word wanneer dit aan 'n slimfoon gekoppel is.
1-sekonde stophorlosie
Meet kapasiteit: 99:59'59''
Meetmodusse: Verstreke tyd, tussentyd
Afteller vir intervalmeting (tot vyf tydinstellings)
Meeteenheid: 1 sekonde
Invoerreeks: 00'00" tot 60'00" (1-sekonde inkremente)
Ander: Outo-herhaal (aantal herhalings instelbaar van 1 tot 20)
4 daaglikse alarms met snooze
Kragbesparing (skerm word leeg om elke dag 3 uur krag te bespaar.)
Volle outomatiese kalender (tot jaar 2099)
12/24-uur formaat
Knoppie werking toon aan/af
Vibrasie aan/af
Gereelde tydhouding: Uur, minuut, sekonde, vm., nm., maand, datum, dag
Akkuraatheid: ±15 sekondes per maand (met geen selfoonskakelfunksie nie)
Ongeveer. batterylewe: 2 jaar op CR2032
Grootte van kas: 58.2×49.3×17mm
Totale gewig: 69g

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Hoekom kies Casio

Casio is a renowned brand in the world of watches that has been producing timepieces for over 70 years. The company is known for its innovative and functional watches that are popular among both casual users and professionals. Casio watches are recognized for their ruggedness, precision, and reliability, making them suitable for various activities such as sports, outdoor adventures, and daily wear. With a wide range of models that cater to different needs and styles, Casio watches have become a symbol of style, functionality, and affordability in the world of horology.

Casio watches are popular for several reasons, including:

1. Affordability: Casio watches are affordable and provide good value for money. They are a popular choice for people who want a reliable and functional watch without breaking the bank.

2. Durability: Casio watches are known for their durability and robustness. They are designed to withstand tough conditions and last for a long time.

3. Functionality: Casio watches come with a range of useful features, such as stopwatches, countdown timers, alarms, and world time. These features make them ideal for people who lead active lifestyles or need a reliable timepiece for work.

4. Style: Casio offers a wide range of styles, from classic to sporty to trendy. They have watches that appeal to different tastes and fashion preferences, making them a versatile choice.

5. Innovation: Casio has a reputation for innovation, and their watches often feature new technologies and features that set them apart from other brands. For example, their G-Shock line of watches is known for its shock-resistant and water-resistant features, making them popular among outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

Overall, Casio watches are popular because they offer a great combination of affordability, durability, functionality, style, and innovation.

Waarborg & Voorraad

TCS only stocks official Casio products. What does this mean? All of our Casio products have been supplied to us via authorised Casio suppliers or stokists and therefore come with an official warranty. Since 2004, TCS has been South Africa'ss leading online retailer of Casio products. We pride ourselves on having an efficient e-commerce store as well as professional and efficient product support. Our support team will gladly assist you with regards to product enquiries as well as any problems you may experience when trying to purchase from us. It has come to our attention that many fake Casio products are being advertised on various websites in South Africa so please do your homework before purchasing online.

Please note that if you have purchased a product via a marketplace such as Takealot you will need to deal directly with them with regards to product issues or queries.

Warranty Period

All Casio products purchased from our online store come with a 1 year warranty.

Warranty Registration

If you have purchased your product via the TCS Online store, all your customer and warranty information will automatically be recorded.

Stock Location

Watches ordered via our online store may be sourced from either the local authorised distributor, approved local retailers or approved international suppliers. All products listed on our online store come with a 1 year warranty. Stock sourced from a local retailer or global partner will be stated as a "Partner Supplier" on the product page.

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