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G-Shock with Workout Logs and More Comfortable Fit

  • by Jenna Fredericks

Casio is launching the new GBD-300, a new addition to the sports-driven G-SQUAD line in the G-SHOCK family of shock-resistant watches. These new watches feature a slim, compact profile that offers an even more comfortable fit, as well as handy functions for tracking running and other training regimens.

The G-SHOCK first came out in 1983, delivering on a passion to create a tough watch that would not break even if dropped. Ever since, Casio has continued to introduce functional, structural, and design advancements to the brand’s outstanding shock resistance. Stacked with data-tracking functions, the sports-driven G-SQUAD line in the G-SHOCK brand has proven very popular.

The new GBD-300 features a simple octagonal form in a slim, compact design that offers an even better fit on the wrist. This shock-resistant watch comes packed with handy sports-oriented functions that track distance, step count, and more. The slim profile is achieved with a shock-resistant structure that places the center case between two separate bezels. The back bumper bezel, with its bowl-shaped curvature wrapping around the case, not only boosts shock resistance, but also helps reduce contact with the back of the hand. The flexible covering placed on the underside where the soft urethane band meets the bezel follows the movement of the wrist when worn to deliver an even more comfortable fit. Parts of the band that come into contact with the skin feature a dotted texture. This prevents the band from slipping, as well as from sticking to the skin due to perspiration, to provide the ultimate comfort. 

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